When a family retains our services to prepare the appropriate legal documentation for their situation, we also in include a playbook.

This is helpful because many care-givers are often unprepared for their role and don’t know how to manage the process or evaluate the resources made available to them.

Most people find themselves in the role of a caregiver without any preparation.  Typically, they are either thrust into a role as a result of some precipitating event such as a loved one breaking a hip or having or stroke.  They may also be the unsuspecting subjects of “caregiving creep”–that gradual increase in demand for their time and resources–cutting the grass for dad, taking mom grocery shopping, then doing the shopping for her, soon followed by preparing meals to be reheated by her later—you get the picture.

This playbook or manual is a multi-generational tool. Caregivers include people of all ages.  Whether it’s a 40-something female who is employed, raising children and juggling the demands of family and work, or a 70-yr. old man taking care of a parent, spouse or sibling, they need help in getting organized. Additionally, there are those who not yet caregivers but realize it is coming and want to be prepared in advance.